I’m always trying to push my limits.

I have always been interested in computer graphics and the relationship between design (visual or sonic) and digital media.My greatest strength is a combination of my desire to strive for perfection, learning and developing myself. I am not easily satisfied with my work and as a result I always push to do my best, to create something better. I’m always looking for new challenges, and I like to push my limits. I derive this from my strong work ethic, reliability, trustworthiness and endurance, all of which help me to produce high-quality work.


After I studied communication (radio, radio broadcasting) my profession became my hobby. I love music and I use music to inspire myself, especially if I’m working on something creative. Music inspires me to create new ideas and also help me if I’m sad, angry or happy. I also like to read a lot; I enjoy hiking, watching movies and editing videos. For me a good movie is one that makes me think or surprises me with its plot.