There are lots of elements to create a great video, from shot composition to editing techniques and color grading. One often overlooked element is motion graphics. Seven months ago I started from the basics and today I’m proud the result I achieved in this short time. Check out my pieces but be aware this is just the beginning for I’m never stop learning new technics and create new ideas.



Animation and Lightning

Taking an object, and reveal it using lights and camera movement in Cinema 4D.

It was fun to play around with Spike by CrossDesign, putting him in a new environment and make him dance. It was also a great opportunity to practice camera movement and lightning.

Title Sequence

I created this Title Sequence in After Effects few months ago for The Words movie. I tried to create a simple but interesting design and decided to use line drawing. Well, it was challenge to animate, but I think turned out really well.



Modelling, texturing and lightning

In this short video I modelled, textured, lighted and animated an isometric city block of the future, which features a letter-shaped building. I’m enjoying to use Cinema 4D and having more and more experience with this program.